I was born into a musical family in Southern California and started playing piano when I was very young. I quickly infuriated my teacher by neglecting her beginner Mozart studies in favor of learning difficult ragtime & boogie-woogie pieces by ear. At age ten, I added trumpet and learned to read music. 

I took up electric guitar at fourteen and paid due homage to Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page by lifting important riffs off their vinyl records every night. I ended up sneaking out of high school early every day of my senior year to study music at the local college. 

As a teenager, I went to university in the morning, gave guitar lessons in the afternoon, and played bars at night. 

I graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music, in '93. 


I’ve since performed with many artists such as John Mayer, Billie Myers, Anika Paris, Wes Wehmiller, Bryan Beller, Jackie Daum, Nina Storey, and the Mike Keneally Band. 

I also enjoy photography, nature travel and rock balancing.


Currently, I enjoy being at the helm of Hilltop Frog Studios in Escondido, California. 

Meet Griff